Born and raised in Turkey and now based in New York, Alev fell for creating a wearable something at a young age by sewing slippers from layers and layers of magazine paper. Later on, she wanted to design and create a wearable something for people like herself who find beauty in imperfections and strive for spontaneity. The idea of Alev jewelry line emerged from a need of a everyday choker to wear from dusk till dawn; an easy accent to enhance a clean and otherwise simple look.

Alev designs and forms her pieces by hand fabricating and using silversmithing techniques and carving on wax in a sunny Greenpoint, Brooklyn artists’ studio to be cast in metal by responsible companies in New York’s Diamond District. Freedom, movement, ancient Roman jewelry interpreted in the modern world are themes that are repeatedly referred to. The line reflects a combination of the vibrant lifestyle in New York City full of music, art, fashion and the sentimental beauty of Istanbul today.